Friday, September 02, 2005

Tulane NROTC Clearing House - Katrina

Latest update 8 Sep 05, 1535 PST...if you want zulu time...go somewhere else...

I am constipation after eating C-rat cheese, but, for one expressed, for now, try and act as a conduit of information about the Tulane NROTC community and its needs. This includes Alums, the Building, the mids, and the current staff. For now, use the comment section to pass info. Link this site to other alums and interested parties. If the need is not there, we'll close down...otherwise we are on until it becomes apparent that we can shut down the operation. Pass info, links, and may help those concerned about you to find you. Let's see how it goes, and how much good the alums of this great unit can do. Roll on Green Wave.

My essays will continue to be posted with my team at . Please stop by there often. MM


If you know the status of LtCol Jerry Sneed USMC, TU MOI 90-93...please post it here...Is that Jerry Sneed the one I served with at TBS from 84-88...or a portion of that time? He may be currently assigned to MARFOR RES, NO.

Also...gaming the system a little...stop by multiple times...the more the Major Mike site gets hit, the higher it moves up the Google search find list...Last night I couldn't get any coherent results from "Tulane nrotc hurricane katrina." So if you stop by...hit it a couple of times, and we can get to the top of the list to smooth the process. Have other grads and alum hit it as never know who knows what.

Update here is a link with some pics of uptown... some may remember the Mushroom (the record store) located around the corner from the Boot... water everywhere

From an Anon source...right off campus near the chapel and the BTP house...and, of course, many nickel beer nights. The pics were taken Aug 31, and the source reports the water has receded to Clairborne. We are now #1 on google for "Tulane nrotc hurricane katrina" on google...good people here to post what they know...believe me, at least one piece of timely info will find its way here...spread the word. MM


The Official Tulane NROTC site remains surprise. Obviously, this site has not been overwhelmed...but, let's try to get some momentum in re-establishing important links to one another. Right now we may not be able to imagine how important it may be later. MM


Validate your muster with the Chain of Command...this just in:

Sir,I'm a Midn 1/C at Tulane. Almost all of us mids have gotten in contact with our chain of command but for any of the ones that haven't, please post on your site for them to contact he is our current BNCO and is the clearinghouse for almost all NROTC information. Thanks.VR/Midn Adam Stephens

I'm recommending re-validating any previous muster with Midn. Hall...anyone who has been to Bulldog knows how messed up musters in person get...let alone via the net. Also...don't be shy...list any personal needs that some of us out here can help with. This is one time to ask. MM


The following link is to the Tulane Blog that is looking like a pretty fast moving message board...might be worth a look for all interested Tulanians.

Update - 5 Sep 05

NROTC site is still down. Not much new on either the Tulane main site or Tulane Blog. BN Staff...please ask for any missing info that you need...I am getting a fair amount of traffic..most of it coming over from the Tulane, I am hoping we can get you the info that you need. Please feel free to post any open updates here, or redirect my efforts in another direction. MM

Update - 6 Sep 05

OK...some feedback I wasting my time? Is there some direction I could be taking that would help more? I am getting plenty of traffic, but I don't get the feeling this site is contributing ...let me know what I can do, and what resources you need...If this conduit is unneeded, I can go back to reading Homer and Faulkner...both to be avoided, unless your a dedicated frosh in English 101. C''re not going to hurt my feelings.

Update 8 Sep 05

New posting at the Tulane main site. The main site is becoming a bit more robust, as the university is beginning to break down their information pipelines to student,a dn separately, the staff...seems like an appropriate strategy. Good info on tuition.

NROTC main site still down...if I am missing something here...someone clue me in. Also...because of the lack of comments...I am questioning the value of me continuing would be nice...let me know if I should shut back down, or keep this up.

Thanks for the traffic...clue me in if I am missing something.

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