Tuesday, February 01, 2005

John Kerry's Record

MTP Transcript

After reviewing the transcripts of Sunday's "Meet the Press," I continue to be struck by how disingenuous Kerry is. He claims...

"RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180?
KERRY: Yes, I will. But everything that we put in it, Tim -- everything we put in -- I mean, everything that was out was a full documentation of all of the medical records, all of the fitness reports.
And I'd call on those who have challenged me, let's see their records. I want to see the records of each of those people who have put up a challenge, because some of them have some serious questions in them... "

What records should we be interested and why.

A copy of his original DD214. This would show all of his training, awards, MOSs, etc., but it would also have the character of his first discharge (circa 1972). The questions about the character of his first discharge have not been cleared up with the controlled release of information.

An authentic copy of his first discharge certificate, again (circa 1972), not the one he had re-issued once he was sworn in as a Senator. The only relevant one is the original, that will likely reflect his anti-war behavior. Behavior he was involved with prior to his final discharge, and behavior he is responsible for. Understanding the full character of his first discharge is critical in putting his reputation into context.

Copies of each of the medical reports for each of his Purple Hearts. This goes dead to the issue of his motive to push for these awards. For those who have served, it is clear he was developing his own personal "exit strategy." I am pretty sure this Marine would release his full medical records were he to run for President.

John Kerry can clear up this issue by simply releasing his treatment record for those injuries.

He needs to provide copies of the combat action logs for the Christmas in Cambodia trip,...now an ambush. To this point, there were never any claims about combat action on this supposed mission. He threw this out on MTP, now he needs to back it up.

John Kerry needs to fade into the sunset. His service record is tattered, not because he simply served in Vietnam, but because it appears that some of his awards were issued without merit, because of his many exaggerations and false stories, and because he still has not signed the Form 180 that would allow an uncensored release of his record. Until his entire, unedited, record hits the wire he has NO credibility, and indeed is completely shamed by the courageous actions like that of the Marine above. Kerry couldn't carry his canteen.

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