Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jimmy Carter Part II

Interesting how the President of the United States, an unabashed apologist for radical Islam (read as murderous radical Islam) and self-proclaimed swami of foreign policy has put the US in a position to lose an Ambassador and three consulate employees, allow for a breach of an American Embassy, the destruction of an American flag (the most powerful symbol of freedom in the world) and then have the Embassy staff tweet out an apology to the attackers.  Haven't we been given enough evidence in the post-Carter era, now totalling 31 years, that appeasement, apologies, and avoidance do not equal peace and cooperation. 

The cultivation of these three A's through ignorance, inaction, and idiocy only embolden what would otherwise be impotent and ignominious splinter groups into becoming polarized Muslim mobs that are wreaking havoc on a lame and limp Presidency.  It wouldn't bother me so much, except it continues to cost the lives of Americans across the globe, and the President's responses in these circumstances are so feeble that they only add gas to the fire and accelerate more attacks.  The attack in Benghazi was clearly fueled by the success of the attack in Cairo and fanned by the completely ineffective White House response.  Now four people are dead.

When will the liberal culture in this country come to understand that Christians are not the ones running around the globe murdering innocents, and when will they finally place the blame for such attacks, not on the producer of a movie, but squarely on the shoulders on which it belongs, the bent and radical believers of Islam and the timid and weak moderate Muslims who have allowed the "religion of peace" to be hijacked?  Those sitting idly by are just as guilty.

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