Friday, October 19, 2012

Thoughts for Obama

Holding the wheel is not the same as steering.  Sitting the the White House and allowing world events to unfold around you does not constitute a coherent foreign policy.  It does not shape events.  And it most certainly does not diminish the threat to our country.  It does however more clearly define the idiot thought that it is possible to "lead from behind."  Let the wheels go where they may, then pretend you were actually steering.  Brilliant.

Closing your eyes does not make the boogie man go away.  Al Qaeda attacked us again in Libya; plain and simple.  The previous strategy of 3.5 years of playing nice did not make them go away.  It did not diminish their organizing activities.  It did not slow their training.  It only gave them room to maneuver.  No matter how much you had hoped they would forget about us and move on, they did not.  Instead, they moved in; killing four Americans.  Clearly not optimum.

As Commander in Chief, you should learn something about waging war.  Key principle, you must maintain contact with your enemy lest you get ambushed.  "Gain and maintain contact with your enemy," is basic warfighting and it also applies strategically.  Rest assured, if you take your eye off your enemy or ignore him, you will be ambushed; as in Libya.  Normalized relations with Al Qaeda is warfighting, not sipping home brews at the 19th hole chatting it up.

Semantics is no substitute for substance.  Quit dancing around the Libya timeline splicing words that have clear meaning to the rest of America.  It may help you feel better while giving a stump speech, but the rest of us know that going to Vegas to fundraise, says more about you and your deep concern for dead Americans, than finding a fortuitous sound bite on a tape that you think will act as an escape hatch from dereliction of duty.  Not so fast.  We get it.  You wanted peace through smiling and apologizing.  It didn't work out; it only took you four weeks of Cirque du Soleil verbal acrobatics to get to a spot where you think us stupid idiots in the Middle Class now find you believable.  We don't.  You lied about what you knew when.  You did it to protect your political butt.  Shameful behavior form the Commander in Chief.  Pathetic.

It sure is hard to defend vapor.  You should have worked harder for 3.5 years rather than just talking about "results;" you should have produced some.

You and Joe Biden could not lead ants to a picnic.  You both came out of the Senate.  You had 60 seats at one point, and you still haven't been able to wrangle a budget out that highly respected legislative institution.  If the President and Vice President, both fresh out of the Senate, cannot get a budget out of the Senate, what could they do?  I guess three years of no budgets is all the evidence we need.

Own up to it, you love being President, you just don't want to do the job.  Why let those security briefings get in the way of golfing?  Why not line up a new gig as a DJ while you can?  Why not strut your eye candy self through NY and Hollywood while everyone is licking your boots and telling you how much they like your new clothes?  Who could give it up?  Sorry, but being President is about being on call 24/7, and attending security briefings, and meeting with foreign leaders instead of TV ratings bottom dwellers and softball buttkissers.  It is heavy lifting and it is not for the faint of heart.  It is for those who love this country more than they love playing a round of golf, or watching the teleprompter, or watching themselves on TV being "hip."  It is not for those who can even utter the words "lead from behind," let alone try to turn an un-clever punch line from a joke into "coherent" foreign policy while half of the Arab world is in the throes of revolution. 

Walk away, you can play golf for free for the rest of your life, but the rest of America can't afford to have you as President. 

It costs too much. 

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