Friday, April 22, 2005

Great Discussions On F-22

I have really enjoyed the great scrutiny that has been given to the Ralph Peters commentary on the F-22. It highlights to me that intelligent discourse can occur without rancor and personal attacks, when serious people want to engage in serious talk. Kudos to

  • AirForceVoices
  • and
  • SecurityWatchTower
  • for doing all the grunt work to get all points of view onto the table. Now, let’s get to the business of brining in the next generation of fighters.


    Anonymous said...

    My position is we should have BOTH,the F-22 and whatever enhancements we need for Army,Marine and Naval combat.

    I'll pay more than my fair share for it.

    Air Force Voices said...

    Thanks MM and I agree...let's figure out where to go from here and leave interservice potshots as an artifact from the past.

    Air Force Voices

    Anonymous said...


    What do you think of a Marine as chairman of JCS? About time for a Marine to get there OR an unnecessary break from tradition?

    Mike said...

    I'd say neither...its just a reality of the "new" "jointness" of the military. I mean, the CINCSTRATCOM is a Marine four-star. That would have been unheard of during the Cold War. Nowadays its not so much about what service you are from as how good you can do the job, regardless of branch.

    Mixed Humor said...

    Thanks for the thought MM.


    fred schoeneman said...


    Hey, did you see what Colonel Riccioni wrote about the F-22?


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