Friday, April 22, 2005

Watch Your Wallet

What if Republicans decided that it would be OK for the Government to go into your house, look into your piggy bank, and remove all of the change that has not been in circulation for over a year? That sounds OK doesn't it? You weren't using it anyway, so why not let the government come in and take it, without your permission, and spend it on something noble, like schools. Great plan.

If Republicans proposed such a plan, the ACLUers would hit the streets en masse, and there would be riots in the streets. But when Democrats, in a Democrat state, propose sanctioned government theft of private property, it is hailed as innovative. Impossible?...not in Oregon. Check out the link above. Dems here want to be able to collect the unused portion of "stale" gift cards. They want to take your money, just because you are waiting for the 500hp pressure washer to go on sale at Home Depot!!

What kills me is that this legislation made it out of someone's mouth, let alone some committee. Why isn't the Oregonian condemning this? Where is the ACLU putting a stop to this before it gets traction? Where is common sense these days? These cards have been legally purchased, legally accounted for by the companies who sell them, and legally ignored by the people who possess on Earth can the government for an second think that they are entitled to that money.

These schemes show us that the Dems have an insatiable appetite for spending and for programs that "buy " votes, and that they will take any measure to pursue them...except fiscal and programmatic restraint.

Help me make Oregon look a little silly here...pass this around.


louielouie said...

hear me out now and don't block my IP address 'cause i check you everyday. with the exception of you china assessment, that i thought was a little toooo pristine, i agree with your posts/comments. and NO i am NOT a liberal or a member of that damned organization.

if i am not mistaken, there may be some legalese regarding the type of card they are talking about. in most cases they may say that the card is the property of the store and is only good for initiating transactions. therefore, they're not taking money from you, but from the store. in that vein of thought, the store may want to rid themselves of this money as they will have to pay taxes on it as it would be listed as income. i am not a corporate accountant so i'm not sure how that would work, as no merchandise was in fact purchased on the outstanding balance.
the article stated that the cards had to be over three(3) years old so that tells me they were either thrown away or forgotten. three years is a little long to wait on a super-charger attachment to that power washer now ain't it?
as they are using the legal term, in the article, they are trying to extend and/or re-define the term "abandoned property" to mean cash and/or electronic money.
as this is a new tactic, i can understand your position, but there may be more at work here than just politicians finding a new way to take money out of our pockets. i do agree is should be passed around for more scrutiny.
i'm done for today so i'll go have another drink.

Major Mike said...

LL. Thanks...maybe we can get an accountant to help us out on this one. I'm on the west coast...another 3 hours before happy hour for me. Enjoy. MM

JACK ARMY said...

"the card is the property of the store and is only good for initiating transactions"

If I remember correctly (I haven't used one of these cards in a few months), the purchaser of the card pays for the value of the card (i.e. a $10 gift card is purchased for $10) and the money goes into the stores till. That is money actally transacted and is probably (I don't know for sure) taxed.

If the above paragraph is true, then the state taking the "unused" portion of the gift card would be taking it from the consumer, not the business.

Keep yer damned hands off my pennies! They're mine, fair and square.

Special Forces Alpha Geek said...

I'm OK with the state taking my unused gift card dollars - but fair's fair: If I carry a balance on a credit card for more than three years, the state should have to pay it off for me.

Mr.Atos said...

Another Portland blogger! Excellent. Before long, we might be able to assemble a NW coalition.

This story is outrageous... and unfortunately not surprising given the NUTTY nature of this city of berzerk dingbats. Do you happen to have a link. Since my dog's been potty trained, I just don't have a use for the Oregonian.

Next the Northwest moonbats will propose taking the contents of your savings accounts, since they not being 'used.'

Heard you on HH. Good call! I'll visit often and add you to my NW Blogroll.

74 said...

I'm with Mr. Atos we need to get a NW Blog Alliance going. We should at least get a party or two out of it (I’m always looking for an excuse to get out of town.) I also read in this morning’s Oregonian that the City of Portland has pulled out of the Anti-Terrorism Task Force. I didn’t bother to read the rest, but can imagine that the poor leftward leaning folks at City Hall didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by actually going after those murderous scum. Down here in Corvallis, the moonbats are just as prevalent. When the President ordered flags to be flown at half-mast for the death of Jhon Paul II, our local County Commissioner said Nyet. Now personally, I thought that G.W. was a might hasty with that Executive Order, but he is the one being paid to make those decisions. If it had been B.J. Clinton doing the ordering, Annabelle Jaramillo would have been hauling on the halyards herself. Sheesh.

Cap'n Arbyte said...

Missing among the outrage is an explanation of how it hurts business more than simply the loss of those dollars.

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