Friday, April 01, 2005

Sorry...I'm Busy

Sorry I haven't been able to post. I am overseeing a water feature (large decorative fountain) repair at work, and we are way off schedule. So, I have had my Carhardts on and been 14' underground for the past couple of days. My team and I have, I believe, correctly titled this Big Dig 10. Every year it seems, I am compelled to repair a water line of some type that, in the end, never meets my lowest expectations. You'd think that after Big Dig 6 and on, I'd have seen it all, but after this one, I refuse to expect anything but one set back after another.

This one involves a confirmed leak (confirmed three different ways before commencement of digging) and a confirmation of at least three joint leaks on an 8" line in a span of 10' after we finally jack hammered through the 4' of concrete that was poured on top of this work, 14' down. Boy was I happy. So, by my estimation we will have been able to stretch this out for about two weeks, at a cost of over $75,000 for a repair that actually took 6 hours once the problem was finally exposed. I am drinking more than one Gin and Tonic tonight.

Kudos though to the 135 pound tech from Bones (no joke) Construction who spent 4 days shoring the hole, supervising the in-hole excavation, and spent at least 16 hours by my observation, on the jack hammer breaking through the concrete that encased all the plumbing that needed repair. He is a hard ass, and a real pro...he'll be working for me again...

Thumbs down on the dumb asses who have no clue about gluing PVC pipe, who would ever use schedule 40 in a heavy pressure 14' underground project (schedule 80 would be preferred). All this to repair glue joints that weren't properly glued 7 years ago. A lot of teeth grinding on this one. They are now responsible for 8 confirmed bad glue joints, and I have been forced to abandon over 900' of existing pipe due to their piss poor efforts. Maybe I should get into construction rather than maintenance...?

So, I'll do my best next week to post, but it looks like I'll be busy with my date...Big Dig 10, at least until Wednesday, when I can turn it back over to the general contractor to the complete backfill and road repair.

A teaser for tomorrow... my theories on why the Pentagon is arm wrestling with Rumsfeld, and where I think that is heading...might take more than one post, but I will be writing from my perspective as a Requirements Officer (N836) at CINCPCFLT in the late 90's, and I think it will lend some insight as to why each is stubbornly holding their ground on re-alignment. I think I can carry the water on that one.

Thanks for your patience. MM


Lifeachiever said...

I remember our base's version of the big dig while I was in Korea. Lots of similar details.

Anyway, we look forward to your Pentagon post tomorrow (or as soon as possible).


Special Forces Alpha Geek said...

At what point do you just say "the heck with this", bite the bullet and dig up and replace the whole line?

Bill H. said...

Hey... Engineers with no common sense but have all the college papers on their walls give you job security.

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