Monday, July 18, 2005

Closing Shop

I have come to the honest conclusion that I am not doing this well. Although I have the inclination, and generally the capacity to do this well, I simply am not. The demand of my full time job, my home life, and the few extra activities I afford myself, are not leaving me enough time to write interesting, well-researched, and well written pieces. I find myself rushed to get something out, and then cringe at the lack of depth and insight in what I have published. So, rather than be ashamed of my effort, I think I'll close up shop. I simply think that the pool is full of talent, and that others are doing a better, faster, more credible job.

Thanks to all that have stopped by., and thanks for the many great comments and critiques. I'll continue to read as many blogs as possible...thanks for the experience. MM


Toni said...

You need to join a group blog or contribute occassionally to a group blog. There must be one out there for you.

Anonymous said...


I like Toni's suggestion. You're too experienced not to keep doing occassional work.

At any rate,I wish you the very best,I thank you for being the loyal American and hard fighting Marine you are.

My hat is off to you Mike,I have learned from and appreciated all your work,here and in the field.

louielouie said...

i, for one, will miss your site.
i found your background provided a foundation and context for your opinions and viewpoints relating to current world, as well as local topics.
i do not agree with your assessment of your postings.
as i found your site, and continued to return, i did so to learn and be informed.
i wish you well.
thanks for the read.

74 said...

Sorry to see you go Maj. (even if you are an Airdale) Fair winds and following seas. And if you would like to make an occasional post, please feel free to use the Bow Ramp--I'd love to have you.

Mr.Atos said...

I agree with the other comments here and disagree with your assessment of your talents and your contributions. You have something to say, and do say it well. And heck, you made the list of top callers to Hugh this year. And Hugh gets GREAT callers.

Your previous comment on my blog is a case in point. You made an excellent point that I only wish more could /would see.

I understand completely what you are saying. I often wonder if anyone is reading my blog, other than my resident troll. And there are so many great bloggers out there. My own obligations keep me from doing this as well as I'd like. I know that Dueler feels the same way, too. He has drafted a half a dozen posts in the last month and discussed a dozen more with me, and has not published any of them for the same reasons that you cite. Despite the obligations, I find it too addictive to stay away. If I don't say it here, I am in danger of screaming what I think around the office. And here in Portland, as you know, that is NOT a good idea. Heck, I live in the SE... it could get my house burned down.

We all have some unique perspoective that we bring to the table, and you insights are quite valuable to the continuum of this historic conversation.

That being said, I have been considering for some time uniting local Bloggers for a Northwest Alliance of sorts. I was just waiting for some undefined moment to do so. And hell, why not get started right here. Please consider joining My Sandmen as a resident blogger. Dueler and I would be honored to have your wisdom and insight affiliated with our team. I think that the potential dynamic might just spring life into a trio of struggling contributors.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to find you're checking out.
Your posts were among the best reasoned and written in the blogverse. Always looked forward to your take on what was going down...
When I wrote professionally, put far too much of myself into my writing. This resulted in endless rewrites and major angst upon receipt of criticism.
You haven't lived until you print out the rewrites of a book review and discover you've created more copy than the book being reviewed contains.
Anyway, thanks amigo. Be seeing you.

Major Mike said...

Mr A.

I am interested, please send an email via the link with the details, and I'd be happy to try that path...I simply feel I a not carrying my weight here.

Mr.Atos said...

Excellent! I sent an email to your listed address earlier today. If you don't get it, email me at my linked blog address.

Let's definitely chat.

devildog6771 said...

MM, my blog is not nearly anything like yours. But even my pathetic attempts draws readers. You'd never know it by the comments. But when I don't comment I get lots of emails checking on me. I think most are so busy, like me, answering the deployedmilblogs that they don't have enrgy, etc. to comment on yours . What i do see is these people are relying on blogs like yours to intelligently and informed respond to the milblogs of those deployed. You don't need tp ost every day. Once a week, a really nice informative or thought provoking post is used by many folks such as yourself. One fellow even puts up a topic and tells his readers to run with it. So there are lots of options. Possibly you can not take down your blog and just find a similiar solution.

GB said...

Thank you, Mike. I have appriciated your work and your point of view.Don't stop contributing.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so MM! The great thing about blogs is that there is no pretense at be a journalist. Thus, your posts do not have to be set at any level of quality.


M* said...

I think with a blog.. it's not about how often you write it's about how you write.. I think you write well but feel pressured to make entries all the time and we all know how that can be.. life sometimes gets in the way I say.. just relax.. but of course at any rate.. if you are moreso inclined to hang out and just read others blogs then perhaps that is just your preference.. I think you write well.. and I'm sure we will all miss reading your entries.. but good luck with all your future endeavors.. peace*

Anonymous said...

what?! no more chances for me to see what's going on in that purdy lil head o'yers? geeze, mike, don't stop now.

Major Mike said...

Anonymous... Todo, is that you?

Anonymous said...

not todo, teaknee

Lifeachiever said...

Major Mike,

I am back now...was off the blogosphere due to exactly the same pressures you are feeling right now. I can relate to wanting to get something out that is fully researched and well-written.

However, I really liked your style and am actually trying to duplicate it...I liked your raw thoughts and passion.

Maybe you just need a little break. I definitely needed one and the long (too long perhaps) break was good to re-prioritize my life.

I hope to hear from you!

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