Thursday, July 07, 2005

Toto, Ted, and Joe...We're Not in Kansas Anymore

For those who think that the Islamafacists are going away anytime soon...think again. Their objective is not to get us to leave Iraq. Their objective is to get every citizen in the world to cower while they take over every country on earth and turn them into Talibanesque nations. No amount of Kennedy appeasement, nor silly Biden grinning is going to get them to stop. Only their deaths will bring an end to their killing.

The residents of London did NOTHING to deserve what happened to them today. Same of course, for those in Africa, Madrid, and NYC, who were victims of ruthless killers, who deserve nothing more than to be hunted down like dogs and be brought to justice. These people do not care who they kill, they simply want to send their message of hate. They will kill you, your family, and your pet fish if they have a chance...wake up.

This is not the time to weaken the Patriot Act in a thinly veiled attempt by Democrats to woo a very small group of Arab voters. Weakening the Patriot Act will make us exponentially more vulnerable to a re-attack in this country...and should parts of the Patriot Act be repealed or lapse, no amount of Bidenspeak or Kennedyexcusing will shift the blame for subsequent deaths from their shoulders...something Kennedy is already familiar with.

Additionally, we need to wake up and understand that very few Arabs actually want to assimilate into the various Western countries they migrate to. While it appears to be the aim of most western countries to diversify their populations, many of the Arabs that migrate do little to integrate themselves into the mainstream cultures of those countries. That being the case...isn't it becoming reasonable to begin limiting immigration from the countries that are filling our streets with terrorists? Isn't it OK to say "enough" and stop the sources of terror from gaining entry into our country, and not be ashamed to take this necessary defensive measure? I do not dislike Islamacists, but they are the ones doing the wanton killing of innocents...isn't it OK to deny them access to their objective, and protect ourselves without feeling as if we are bad people.

Bottom line good people...this cannot be ignored away, as the Clintons had hoped. This cannot be appeased away as the Bidens and Kennedy's hope. This will not go away anytime soon, and it will certainly not go away until most of these terrorist are dead. When we begin to believe that as a nation...we'll be back in Kansas.


Mr.Atos said...

Have we fooled ourselves for so long that we believe that if we simply ignore the problem it will go away? There are so many similarities emerging here and now between domestic conflicts that plague our culture and those that claim our lives. Selective ignorance is the symptom, but there is another cause. Childhood! Western Civilization is divided into adults and children. Children hide things they dont wish to believe. Some adults do this as well, and suffer the force of reality that children are mostly immune to. The real adults engage a sense of responsibilty and obligation to meet challenges. Liberalism is a parental bedsheet that employs the economic force of government to insulate people from consequences... and boogeymen. But, it doesn't work when the boogeymen are real monsters. And yet they cower, underneath nevertheless.

Welcome back top the fray, MM.

Papa Ray said...


Good post. I have been trying in my little community for the last two years to get people to quit ignoring and hiding from the fact that there are millions of people on this earth that want to kill us and destroy all we have or tax us for the privilage of staying alive.

I'm losing big time.

Papa Ray
West Texas

louielouie said...

when i put my lefty hat on, i agree with michael moore on one thing.
we americans are stooopid.
we don't have the slightest idea what it is to live under a tyrant.
we don't have the slightest idea what the fight for liberty is about.
it didn't just happen two hundred years ago so let's live the life of milk and honey. that's crap.
the struggle for liberty continues every friggin day/night.
there are quotes chiseled into the walls of the capitol walls that are meant to inspire.
the words that are a religion to me are, "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance".
the people of the usa are on an eight hour day.
we are so stooopid we don't have any comprehension of what a true struggle is.
and the people who are trying to prevent what is coming to this country are being vilified.

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