Friday, July 08, 2005

Where Are the "Americans?"

It has occurred to me that America has been softening since we settled the West. It began with the linking of the East with the West via railroad at Promontory Summit in 1869. Our softening continue with the final submission of the Native American tribes in 1891. We continued to get mushy with the invention and mass production of the automobile; the collapse of subsistence farming; the New Deal and its social programs. Add in welfare, fast food, television, E-Z-Boy chairs, and we're done.

Why is this relevant?

Coming to work this morning on NPR, a Brit, analyzing the impact of yesterday's London bombings said that the Brits would carry on, but they were worried about a falloff in American tourists, because Americans (general population) are a bit more worried than the Brits in regards to their personal safety. I don't disagree with him, but when did this happen?

When did we start becoming a nation of cowerers and how do we pull out of it?

Where are the Americans that crossed this nation in wagons? Where are the Americans who fought against tyranny and oppression? Where are the Americans that conducted Pickett's Charge and those who defended Seminary Ridge? Fought in World War I? Landed in Normandy and Tarawa? Invented manned flight? Went to the moon? Built our dams and highways? Where are the "tough" Americans?

I am not talking about our soldiers, football and rugby players, NASCAR drivers. I am talking about the toughness of your average American. Because in the end, his/her toughness and their resolve will be the key to winning the GWOT. We need to rediscover our grit and fortitude. We need to become physically and mentally tough as a nation. And we certainly don't want the Brits to show us the way when it comes to toughness.

Americans need to start acting like "Americans."


devildog6771 said...

In the late 50's and early 60's, we had p/e or an equivilant at school. We played dodgeball, softball, basketball. We also had regular tests to see how far we could jump up, the satnding broad, pull ups the dashes, and we spent a lot of time on the monkey bars. After school, I we did our homework, then played outside after about 1/2 hour of t T.V. [Mickey Mouse Club]. We played 500, baseball, softball, basketball,red light, green light, hide-n-seek, and dodgeball, and rode pour bikes.

We got rid of a lot of excess energy and stress that way. We were physically fit.

Occasionaly we had fights at school and at home. You were properly disciplined at both and ossacionally your parents went to school. As often as not the teacher came to the house.

But we didn't call the police for all this stupid stuff, especially in grade school unless there was a danger to yourself or someone else. Occasionally if a bully kept beating you up, after school, they would usually get you then too. So if you had a mom like mine, she got her awith, took you outside and gave you a choice. Well, there wasn't a choice, and we never got the switch. But you better darn well make sure you didn't start a fight or be a bully too.

Bow kids in "preschool sre expected to practically be ready for 1st grade both in knowledge and behavior. They rarely have those fitness tests. I don't remember when I saw them play dodgeball at school [someone might get hurt or sue]. Seldom see little league any more, at least not like before. And, so few kids get in the scouts that is't a real shame.

They play Gameboy, Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo, Diablo, box, watch T.V>, mess with the computer.

All encourage anti social skills in that they do not have enough social contact to help kids develop socially at home. At school, if they have a fight, the cops are called.If kids have a fight in the evening, the cops are called. Then as they get older, they call their buddies to "get their back" first. Then the cops get called.

We do not teach our kids it's ok to be assertive but not agressive. At times when they need to draw a line or get the tar beat out of them they are either afraid of cops or a "gang" ok kids. It seems they lack the ability to stand up for themselves when they need to do so.

I guess you could call me a war baby. My dad never talked about the war, but I could always see the impact. I can also seee the ikmpact of WW I, WW II, Korea, and Vietnam on them. Unless it's a 9/11 typr thing, we shouldn't get involved.

If the nations at the end of both the big wars hadn't been so hurried to just get itr all over with that they left unfiunished business and made concessions that really caused the Cold War and what we have been experiencing in the Middle East we might not be where we are now. Especially after WW II. But I don't think anyone ever realized the "bomb" would be as big as it was.

The cold War, Vietnam, Korea, and the problems in the middle East are all problems made by secret treaties betsween the allies and the U.N.

Lastly, except for Pearl Harbor, and 9/11, we have suffered no major outside conflict or attack at home. So we have turned into a nation of jelly fish and we are raising jelly fish. You don't have to go to war all the time when you don't like something, but there are times it is inavoidable.

Right now, in this country, the "silent" majority is again about to let they vocal "minority" make their political decisions about Iraq and the GWOT. They simply cannot comprehend we "are at WAR!
Those people aim to destroy us. Unfortunarely, we may be the ONLY country who can really take a lead in this war.Read the article linked below:

Europe's Angry Muslims. I'd be interesred in your thoughts. Also, when I was a kid, It was ok to server and believe in God "and" Country.

cottus said...

When 9/11 happened and everyone decorated their cars and fences with American flags, I knew it wouldn't last. Just like in Vietnam, the well - organized left, with its discipline and long memory, would use the war to weaken the country and bring about the 'scientifically proven' final, best government of Man - the world socialist state (with an elite of 'scientifically educated' socialists in charge). I am surprised we have stood strong as long as we have. But the Democrats will have their day, the troops will be withdrawn and people will be just so amazed at how quickly things fall apart. America is soft and weak.....a strong, independent citizenry would inconveniently resist Television and the consumer society. So sit back, pop open a Bud, flip on the TV and enjoy it while you can.

betsy said...

I definitely agree with devildog6771, he is right on. The keys of the asylum were given to the inmates, also. When parents abdicate teaching children self-reliance, when the parents and kids control what goes on at school, not the teachers or admin. (I know, my hub's a teacher), when we have kids in front of a tv, 'puter or gameboy instead of playing outside and learning how to get along; when lawyers settle disputes instead of people amongst themselves, when flying the colors does not mean your proud to be an American but that you agree/disagree with a policy, our great nation is in trouble.

The Brits have had backbone, always. Just listen to the difference in his speeches vs Bush. Bush's words are good but his delivery sparks no inspiration. He demands no sacrifice from the people. Unfortunately we have only learned to take the "bottom line" into consideration, not the future, in our decisions about gas, alternative fuels, the greenhouse effect. You name it. We are teaching our children not to be strong and stand tall, but how much money is there in your decision.

This is indeed WWIII and the terrorists will indeed kill us all if we don't seccumb. We won't pull out of Iraq, but it will be a seriously difficult fight for those boots on the ground. I'm more afraid of a wimpy president following Bush and not having the hutzpa to finish the job. God bless and keep you safe, Major Mike.

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