Wednesday, March 30, 2005

We Have Bad News, or No News

Has anyone else out there noticed that the MSM has gotten away from their body-count approach to reporting events in Iraq…in fact, a rudimentary scan of various news services today cultivated very little reporting from Iraq.

Hmmm, I ask myself. Is this because there is nothing going on in Iraq? Or is it because nothing “bad” is going on in Iraq? Even the over-exaggerated reports of the difficulties of the Iraqis to form a government are falling off the radar. So, as things seem to be improving, the news coverage is dropping off. Interesting that that in and of itself is not newsworthy.

Which brings me back to a point I have made time and again…the MSM players are doomsdayers and naysayers, and by covering only the negative aspects of Iraq they fail to give the military the credit they deserve for making the difference. As the US policy proves to be more and more successful, and Iraqis begin the process of governing themselves, coverage drops to nil. Conclusion, the MSM hates good, or even neutral, news.

Extending my argument a bit here…this is why their “body count” approach to “keeping score” in Iraq disrespects the sacrifices made by our troops. Because the payoff from those sacrifices is not reported, and just the raw carnage is, the press is using these images and numbers to sell papers, not to honor those who have helped achieve success. Their pictures of soldiers re-habilitating were not published as compelling human-interest pieces, but in my mind, as additional imaging that helps paint the negative picture that they intend to project. A balanced approach would ensure that the sacrifices made by our troops in the field were honored with appropriate reporting of the follow-on successes.

Shame on the MSM here…report both sides with equal enthusiasm and you will find balance and an audience. Continue to negatively slant your representations of the situation in Iraq and you continue to lose market share, credibility, and eventually, as your papers go out of business, your jobs. Get the clue.


Papa Ray said...


Don't worry, as soon as the domestic news gets some what back to normal, they will be doing their negative reporting.

I am looking for "something" big to happen in/to Syria. The bombings, (up to 3 now I believe) are going to spark something.

Unless they are waiting on us?

Papa Ray
West Texas

Cap'n Billy said...

The current news doesn't fit the MSM template, i. e.: Good news is good for Bush, so it isn't being reported. If things turn sour you may be sure it will be fully reported and exaggerated, since such news will be bad for Bush.

BoghRD said...

It is really better to win then to get your just accolades – especially when the other side is aiming in your direction…

We can track success by following the reporter herd… Where they are is ‘where the action is’ – kinda. I mean, they holed up in Baghdad for a lot of reasons – but that biased the news. Now the news herd will be moving onward and the remaining ‘insurgents’ will not have Eason Jordan’s sauronic eye looking for blood and mayhem.

All the better, I would recommend that the media take up residence in China or something.

Lifeachiever said...

The only thing I would add is at least the MSM is consistent...consistently negative.

Lorilei said...

Actually, a couple of nights ago, on ABC News' World News Tonight, Martha Raddatz was reporting from Fallujah. She had a soldier saying how the Iraqis want them there & she had an Iraqi saying how he had returned to the city he had not seen any more terrorists. Even my 16-yr old son said, "Wow a positive story". I was quite surprised, cause I agree with you, its usually bad news or no news. But there seems to be a change in the air, cause I've noticed a few positive articles in our newspaper lately, also.

I just returned from DC on spring break, and the WashPost has been doing a series every day that highlights a soldier that was killed in action and tells their story in a positive way.

Check out for the video programs of Interviews with Soldiers Injured in Iraq....excellent stories of soldiers at Walter Reed.

Maybe there is a change in the air....

devildog6771 said...

Right on Major Mike. I watch CNN and I get so angry at times.

They really anger me with news that compromises our troops' safety and our National Security!

Did you ever send them an email that expresses an opposing view? They rarely read them. Often when they do they make personal denigrating remarks.

Great site by the way.

KeithM, Indy said...

Michael Yon had a good entry on his blog on Tuesday which explains the typical process a "story" goes through before it gets to the paper or tv.

You are right, if there's no news, it's good news that's not being reported.

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