Friday, May 13, 2005

Base Clsoures

My initial take is that there are no huge mistakes on the list. I expect the usual complaints by the politicians about home state closures, and the lamentations about closing down some of our historical bases by those who have had the privilege of living in field grade or General's quarters on those bases, but all in all...looks pretty good going by me.


Mixed Humor said...

Agreed, nothing I saw on the list stood out as anything terribly shocking. Here's a link to the list:,13319,FL_bases_051305,00.html

louielouie said...

tell me i'm wrong here.
the lima squad, reserve marines from lima ohio, get decimated in matador.
the BRAC list comes out and the tank plant(army) in lima ohio is on the list for closing.
sad day in mudville this weekend??????

Mr.Atos said...

Olympia Snowe's comments regarding Maine base closures was really quite laughable and wholey absurd. I always find it interesting to hear those who know absolutely nothing about strategic protocol and objectives attribute foolishness to the decision making of those who make careers of it. The purpose of the US Military is not to prop up local economies, while politicians like Mrs. Snowe abandon servicemen and their Commander. If she wants jobs, then she and other RINOS, and liberal politicians should cut taxes, flip off Unions, and learn to caress Capitalism. After all, Walmart is more effective at stimulating local economies than decrepit military bases.

Shannon said...

I agree. I think they are right on the mark with these closures.

My favorite part is Fort Riley. We were stationed there at one time and loved it. We wouldn't mind going back there one day. Great places to raise a family in the small communities outside the gate - and the entire area is really supportive of our military. It looks like they will be getting the First Infantry Division back! It's high time we get The Big Red One out of Germany! Bring the soldiers and families - and the economy that comes with them back to the US!

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