Tuesday, May 17, 2005

NPR Delivers...Not

As I was driving to work this morning, doing my usual 0700 switch to NPR (Nationalistic People's Broadcasting) for their take on the news...I failed to hear mention of the Newsweek debacle. Well, you say, there was more pressing news ahead of that story, and how the heck can you fit it all in? Right you are...the ACLU suing the US government over the "Silver Ring Thing" is much bigger news than a published lie that resulted in at least 15 deaths, that was later retracted. I guess I can see that.

People accuse the military of closing ranks in a crisis...how about the MSM putting them to shame. We get the apology yesterday on CNN on line, but no mention of the retraction today. Hmmmm. Watch who you protect...you may get some on you.

At some point, every member of the MSM who closes ranks with Newsweek, takes a chance on becoming equally un-credible. Another nail in the coffin.

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