Thursday, May 19, 2005

Goodbye Mountain Dew

I will go anti-Pepsi until a full acceptance of responsibility is taken by Ms. Nooyi. No "What I meant was..." No "I was misunderstood." No "What did I do wrong?" No "The US military made me do it." No "What about the prisoner abuse?" She must fully acknowledge what she said and acknowledge her intent...which is made clear by the comments contained in the speech. And then she MUST resign. Otherwise, I am the anti-PepsiCo consumer. Sorry to those working for Pepsi, but I will not have my 20 years of service to this country slandered by someone pandering to the liberal Columbia crowd, which she could have done in any manner NOT insulting to this country.

I will post the boycotted list at home...we're boycotting. Thanks Hugh for putting th heat on.

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