Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Pepsi's Reply. My Reply to Their Reply.

My reply to Pepsi's reply...I feel their's is more of a re-statement, rather than any kind of move towards sincerity...other input welcome.

Mr ____,

I greatly appreciate the fact that you took the time to reply to my email.

I, however still find it somewhat unbelievable that in the time spent in preparation of the speech, and the four days after the speech, that she was not able to comprehend the impact that her words would have. It was only after the furor over her remarks began, that she began her attempts at an apology. Mr. ___, we all know the meaning of the waving of a middle finger, and her multiple humorous references to her example underpin her intent. So, consequently the words "inadvertent" and "unintentional" ring a bit hollow. It is this failure to acknowledge the obvious intent that continues to be a sticking point with me. Gaining my trust and confidence would start with acknowledging the plain truth. I do feel she is sorry, but more for the impact on her and PepsiCo.

Mr. ___, I am sure you have long since rolled your eyes and ceased reading, but hunkering down, and riding this one out isn't a strategy that will bring me back to Pepsi products any time soon. I am sure that Pepsi is counting on the poor short term memories most Americans seem cursed with, but I won't be among that crowd. I have avoided purchasing about $50 in Pepsi products to date, and purposely chose a competitor's product at lunch today. This will likely continue until my memory also fades and I am dying for a Mountain Dew, so the financial impact to Pepsi will likely be negligible, but I will continue to have a negative image of Pepsi because of its handling of this matter.

Sorry, but the PR style apology still lacks traction with me...I am sure it has been sufficient for others.

Thanks again for your time.

Major Michael E. ________USMC (Ret.)

Pepsi's reply to my original email...I authenticate it...but I have removed the names...

Dear Mr. ______,
Thank you for your email to PepsiCo's Chairman & CEO, Steve Reinemund. Steve shared your email with me and asked me to respond on his behalf.

Ms. Nooyi is very sorry that her recent remarks at Columbia University's Business School offended you and others. She realized too late that her words and examples about America depicted our country negatively and hurt people.

We can assure you that Ms. Nooyi has taken to heart the the honest comments that have been shared with her since then, including your thoughts, and she is deeply sorry. This has been a painful and unfortunate experience, which she profoundly regrets. Based on the feedback that people found her remarks to be inappropriate and unpatriotic, Ms. Nooyi issued a public apology which has been posted on PepsiCo's website ( and shared openly with our consumers and shareholders. For what it is worth, we can also attest that Ms. Nooyi really does love America unshakably - without hesitation - and is extremely grateful for the opportunities and support our great nation has always provided her.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write to us. Your point of view is valued, and we understand your feelings. We regret that you feel Ms. Nooyi's apology for her mistake was insufficient, and we'll share your sentiments with her. We are also deeply sorry that we are unable to regain your trust and confidence , but will hold out hope that our future actions might redeem us in your eyes.
Mr. _______
PepsiCo Corporate Communications


Mr.Atos said...

"She realized too late that her words and examples about America depicted our country negatively and hurt people."

Um hum! Good luck with that excuse. Do they realize what they just said was: She's a complete idiot for not comprehending the obvious implication...or you are for believing our formulaic explanation?


Major Mike said...

Mr A...give me a little credit..."Sorry, but the PR style apology still lacks traction with me...I am sure it has been sufficient for others." I got the basic PR playbook I suspected I would. Knuckleheads. Thanks for stopping by.

Mr.Atos said...

Oh! No, I saw that. The letter was a great rebuttal. I was speaking rhetorically for them in regards to their assumptions... the 'You' reference being in the third person meaning all of us. They must believe we are stupid to believe that we'll buy that excuse, as you clearly have demonstrated we are not.

Therefore, Ms. Nooyi, we can assume is a complete idiot. And I don't buy that either. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing, of course. The PepsiCo response is even more insulting, imo, than their CFO's original statements...
again, as you have demonstrated to them in your second reply.

Nice work! Credit is fully extended from the Sandmen to Servicemen and fellow Portland Conservatives I mean, like there what 7 of us in all? And 5 of us have blogs.

Mixed Humor said...

Good work MM

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