Friday, May 06, 2005

Response to Bow Ramp Challenge

The honorable commander of The Bow Ramp blogsite has wrangled me into a challenge...I am to pick five hypothetical professions from his list and give my reasons for choosing each...this may prove difficult for me. Since I was 17, I stumbled into one good deal after another, never really choosing what was going to happen next. So I am not use to "choices."

I will do my best to meet his challenge, but it will have to wait until later in the day...I have to complete my year-end rankings this morning for my team...I am almost done with that task, but I want to give it my full attention...but I will throw out my Number 1 choice now...

If I could be a justice (I'll substitute the word judge here) on any one (I'll list two) court(s) in the world it would be...simulaniously,...a judge in both the World Bar-B-Que Championships, and the world Beermiester Championships. Hate to waffle, but the beer was a neccessary ingredient for the BBQ judging.

More later...MM

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