Thursday, May 05, 2005

Exoneration For Falluja Marine

I believe justice has prevailed in the November Mosque shooting, in which a Marine corporal shot an injured Iraqi insurgent (linked in the title above).

I am glad that the Marines let the investigation run its course, and let NCIS complete its investigation. Oft times institutions act too speedily in order to relieve pressure from the outside...almost always at the expense of the individuals involved. I am pleased with the Corps and its conclusions in this case.

The video always presented the incident for what it was...a tragic mistake, that occurred during a period of high stress. The corporal never displayed an overt eagerness to kill another human being, but he did what he (and I) felt was right to ensure the safety of his men, based on his past experiences, and his observations of the scene at the time. That is all we can ask of our servicemen and women in the field.

I hope he is able to put this incident behind him, and continue with his service. I think he is a keeper.


RAZ said...

I agree with you as to the end result. I also am certain that the Main Stream Media wll see this action by the USMC as another example of "whitewashing."

devildog6771 said...

I'm convinced they work for the other side!

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