Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Where is Spartacus?

I am quickly coming to believe that the most useless legislative arm in any government is the US Senate. The body is a collection of the biggest windbags, whiners, jellyfish, and demagogues in the country. Only Hollywood is a close second.

By stumbling around for the last four years, the have effectively squandered and opportunity to recover the courts, and put the power in this country back where it rightfully where it belongs…with the people. The last four weeks of barefooted ice-skating only highlights the ineptness of the Republican leadership in the Senate. In the end, they were out-checked by a former KKK Grand Whizzer, a sot from Massachusetts, and a habitual liar from NY.

Senator Frist ineptly managed this from the beginning. There should have never been any negotiation. He should have given fair warning, and then fired the first shot. Instead his delaying allowed the woefully wrong Dems to gain traction on the left, wrongly define the issue, and gain momentum in the press. Even then it was not too late, but his absolute failure to “lead” the Republican Senators is inexcusable. Clearly, several Republican Senators are putting their Presidential ahead of what is good for this country…and right now that is getting balance into the judiciary.

My vote for President in 2008 will not go to any Republican wrapped up in this fiasco. My 2006 campaign contributions will go to the candidates, not the party. Senator Graham is right, his constituents will be upset with him…hopefully enough not to send him back.

The Republican Party needs cohesive leadership right now. They are demonstrating that they do not have the capacity to lead this nation when they have earned all of the tools. They need to believe the electorate and aggressively pursue the agenda they were sent to Washington to enact. First is get balance back into the judiciary. There is nothing wrong with using the power you were given. Trust me, the Dems will beat you over the head with it the first time they get the chance.

Now is the time for leadership.

Where is Spartacus?

© Michael McBride 2005


Mr.Atos said...

Spartacus indeed! Even slaves need leadership to escape their own pathetic demise. And Republican's have certainly surrendered themselves to the bondage of popular consensus and relativist dogma. Heck, where is Cincinnatus?

louielouie said...

The body is a collection of the biggest windbags, whiners, jellyfish, and demagogues in the country.

that's a new one on me.

don't sugar coat it mm, tell us what you really think. :)

Toni said...

I couldn't agree more with you. I have no hope for the Republican Senate leadership though. Just when was the last time the Pub's had a decent leader in the Senate? I certainly can't remember. The House is a different story - why is that? Maybe they have to run for office more often and are more vulnerable to their constituency? I'd say yes!

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