Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Blogger in White House

I picked up my daily fishwrapper, the demo shill, the Oregonian, and on the second page I see that Garrett graff, blogger at FishbowlDC, has been given White House press credentials... http://www.mediabistro.com/fishbowldc/ . How can that be...does he have his degree in journalism? Has he done his time in the Metro section of the local paper? Has he had to figure out if documents were forged, or gas tanks would explode? He's only 23, my god, what a mistake.

Watch out MSM...Hugh Hewitt is right...there's a new information revolution...don't miss it. http://www.hughhewitt.com/

I am hoping this is the last time I have to write about my ex-girlfriend Sgrena. The lame and unfounded, psuedo-prostestations on her behalf, demanding apologies, investigations, and probably more money for her kidnappers, need to quit making their way into our press. The daily barrage of "Italy Demands Investigation," headlines are obliquely accusing our troops...theme familiar? Everyday these headlines are turning our well-trained, well-disciplined, and well-intentioned troops into monsters. MSM, knock it off...if you continually print this, you continually accuse our troops...is this your intent? If not, knock it off, for the 10th time.

Michelle Malkin is doing some great work on cleaaring up translation issues and story changes by the lovely Ms. Sgrena. I think this is where the story will go next...Michelle has a strong lead on it. http://www.michellemalkin.com/ . She is also reporting Italy may have paid up to $15M in ransom over the past year. Which brings me to my last point this am.

Even at $1000 a pop, which is probably way above market price, the Italians are responsible for at least 15,000 additional IEDs being in play. I guess I forgot, the life of one biased journalist is worth $15M, and potentially, the lives of15,000 troops, or more. Impossible to consider, but that is the reality of how the Italians, and the begging Ms. Sgrena, have changed the game. Wake up MSM this is the angle on the story that needs attention, not 15 more stories on Italian breadmakers demanding an apology.

The thought of our troops suffering because one, pathetic and self-centered journalist, turns my stomach. I hope she is cursed by seeing the faces of the dead that can be tied directly to her release...hopefully at that point she'll understand, the trade for her life was a deal with the devil. Sleep well.

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