Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hockey Trip

I am leaving tomorrow to link up with my hockey team from 1984...we play in a tourney in Vegas every year. I am older, slower, and more apt to get beat by a good forward, but these guys are part of my family...other hockey players understand this. I am taking my previously mentioned boat anchor (6 year old laptop) in and effort to work on my book and to blog...assuming AOL 3.0 can still access the internet. I will endeavor to blog, as I don't want to lose traction, if I am unable, please come back on Sunday...I hope to have a book review of "Speed is life, more is better" posted, plus whatever thoughts hit me over the weekend.

My deepest sympathies to the Sgt.'s family mentioned below...that news has ruined my evening. Really, most of America cares. Sincerely. MM

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Sus said...

Yeah, it did NOT make my day, either. I can't think of a better way to unload some of that frustration than on the ice *wink* - besides, it's probably the only hockey you'll see for a while *grrrr*

Have a great time - I'm envious, although I may get to see the Thunderbirds this weekend.

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