Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Italians Retreat

Short and sweet...

The Italians, showing no honor whatsoever, begin to abandon Iraq immediately after infusing our enemies with cash. Can anyone really decipher whose side they are on?

Political Philosophy 102 ...I say I am your friend, but I give money to someone to beat you up...hmmmm, am I still your friend? Italian Logic Class 101, the prerequisite to Political Philosophy 102, says...perfectly OK.

Can you say political expediency?

Certainly, the sacrifices of the Italian soldiers must be recognized as equal to that of our soldiers, but to cut and run in this fashion, honors them little, and our troops will, again, bear the brunt of the load.

I don't fault the President or his policies here, as it is becoming obvious that this coalition and likely all coalitions we can put together in the future will become the Coalition of the ...Squeamish, Uncommitted, Politically Adept, Morally Bankrupt, French Emulators, and (your adjective here).

It is becoming clear that very few countries have the will to take, and back up, moral stances in the GWT...more than anything else, this is what will ultimately keep us engaged in this fight for the interminable future. Sad.

When I call someone my friend, I know the person, and I know what he stands for. That's why I can call him friend, and why I can give him support when he is in need. In this measure of friendship, it is obvious we have few in this world. Not because of our behaviors, but because few other countries have what it takes to be a true friend to us. The Italians have clearly communicated what we mean to them. Likewise.


Anonymous said...

While I agree with your post, I would add the possibility that the Italian troops themselves might regret being ordered home by their government under the circumstances.


Anonymous said...

There is also the possibility that Italy will not start reducing the size of the contingent in September,Berlusconi did say "IF the Iraqis can take up the security requirements,we will start leaving".

Who sincerely expects Italians to do yoeman's work really? They've already exceeded my fondest hopes.

Major Mike said...

I am not discounting their efforts, but there are often instances in your life where you have to stand up a be be counted...their participation in Iraq, POST SGRENA, is one of those times. They may still be in the "Friend" category, but their announcement, on the heels of Sgrena, may just put them in the "Fairweather" catagory.

74 said...

Many moons ago, I was homeported in Naples. While there I had the pleasure of meeting many fine people who were Italian. That said, even then you saw the high percentage of outright Communists, Socialists, and every other brand of self-delusional types. Since the formation of the EU, that situation has to have become much worse. There are so many factions in that country. Most of those factions only care about others if their plight can be used to support whatever cause the particular group espouses. Anyone who has ever lived through the daily chaos that goes on in Italian society would not be surprised by Berlusconi's announcement.

74 said...
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74 said...
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74 said...
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Papa Ray said...


Evidently, thats not exactly what the I's said.

The MSM reported it wrong..

They will start pulling troops out later this year, "If the Iraqi's are able to provide sufficient security".

Papa Ray

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