Friday, March 25, 2005

Canada Denies Coward Refugee Status

Canada, in a move to protect the ferocity of their population, so they can continue to produce more hockey players than figure skaters, has denied Refugee Status to US Army deserter Jeremy Hinzman.

Great call is a first step in making it back into the real world. The real world with bad guys who try to do innocent people harm. The real world that requires defense by determined men and women. The real world where men don't desert their comrades who face battle. The real world where your actions have consequences.

Send Jeremy home (the MSM conveniently drops his rank and calls him a former soldier), we'll see to it that he is treated fairly, and most importantly, serves as an example to other cowards who choose to quit on their obligations and try to subvert the good order and discipline of the forces in which they serve.

You send us our deserters back, and we'll send fewer hockey players to take your jobs...promise.


Anonymous said...


On reflection,I say let Canada keep this human waste,save us the money and future infection of the virus.

Lifeachiever said...

That is a great post...couldn't agree more!


Special Forces Alpha Geek said...

I dunno:
I'd guess he'll go to a special court martial, get a year and a BCD - which doesn't mean anything anymore. Yeah, he'll lose his veterans benefits, but he won't suffer in the job market. Employers can't even ask about character of service anymore. Probably do better than he would have otherwise, since I guarantee there'll be a liberal college somewhere that will take him in on scholarship and make sure he gets through - and he'll probably be able to parlay this "stand" he took into a job with some non-profit somewhere.

As opposed to a year of actually risking his life at war, and coming back to be one of the many who did.

And the worst of it is, he'll be surrounded by people who honor and support his cowardice. I doubt he'll ever have to face up to his own worthlessness.

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