Monday, March 07, 2005

New Math

I apologize to all the Math majors out there on my equation in the comment section of my previous post...I should have realized I was solving for "j" not $ here's another try...

j= -$1m - 1d(agent) - x US(soldiers) - yi(Iraqi citizens)

So, in plain English, one communist, Italian journalist is worth... $1M (or more), one dead Italian agent, potentially dozens of killed or injured GIs, and dozens of killed or injured Iraqi citizens. Geez the US is so barbaric that they don't pay ransoms more else are the insurgents going to remain employed. There is no justification possible for this trade off. How self centered could you be not to see this. When subsequent journalists are captured there will be no boo-hooing form me. They get what they deserve.

In fact, I expect to see a rash of captured journalists...why not, the insurgentnappers get money to keep going, and they get great press coverage when the hostage is released, and the US gets slammed in the is the tri-fecta for them.

In the end, the damage done by that $1M ransom can probably never be truly calculated, but the trade for one journalist will never balance the equation in my mind. Our troops are going to pay the interest on that money with their lives and their limbs. A very proud day for journalism indeed.

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Papa Ray said...


I'm not sure, but I imagine that the money for the ransom was drawn from money given to Italy by the US in some way in connection with them having assisted in Iraq.

Either way, your right, money paid to terrorists will be paid at least twice over in blood.

Papa Ray
West Texas

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