Monday, March 07, 2005

Great Air Force Blog

Check out Air Force Voices , LifeAchiever has a rockin' site, plus he mentions me twice, which automatically gets him a nomination for Blogger of the Year.


Mike said...

Oooh, Air Force blogs!!!

Lifeachiever said...

Thanks Major Mike...I appreciate the mention on your blog...and the nomination!!

Here's to many future collaborations!

Seriously, here's to all the men and women overseas and stateside who keep us safe!


Papa Ray said...


The only air farce guys I would associate with is the ones (once in a great while) who went with us in the bush to relay our com to the zoomies who we called in to smoke the bad guys. They were ok guys, even if they did talk a different language and had really big heads.

But, they were appriciated.

Papa Ray
West Texas

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