Friday, March 04, 2005

Comments on Jay Rosen's Site

It appears that Marky48 and I may be getting in to a running gun battle about a moral question posed by Jay Rosen...worth a peek. My comments are almost to the bottom. Enjoy.

3/6/05...looks like marky48's and my last comments wer pulled from Jay's of my best lines ever..."CNN would do anything to pull 15 chuckleheads away from their Faces of Death videos to grab a bit more in the ratings."

CNN, and the MSM, will do ANYTHING to to gain readersip/viewership, let's start avoiding their sites...the troops in the end will pay for their ratings...I won't be a part of it.

Marky...come by anytime and comment, I look forward to it. MM


Anonymous said...


I agree with your philosophical take on this incident,but I am not sure I would have had the courage to try and stop it.

To me,the worst case is where reporters KNOW ahead of time they are party to murder and go anyway.

Examples from Iraq,the French reporters that filmed the attempt to use an SA-7 manpad to down a civilian airliner at Baghdad Airport and the filming of the murder of the poll workers on Haifa Street in Baghdad right before the elections.

Synova said...

Hi Major Mike,

My attitude toward journalism is illustrated by a nature program I watched on television where some tiger cubs were being filmed and one cub lost a foot and the film crew followed it around until it starved to death and died.

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